From Chicago to Nola…

As I write this it looks like in one hour it will finally rain in New Orleans. Apparently it has been declared a drought and I haven’t seen rain in at least six weeks.

I moved here on August 1st from Chicago. It feels like a move that reverberated over and over, from a green shotgun in St. Roch to a little house with big dreams on Bordeaux to the sunniest place I have ever seen with double doors in Milan. Either way, either place, I am here.

It has been a strange transition to come to the south. For one, the simple differences.

New Orleans doesn’t recycle glass.

Once you leave the city and even go onto the West Bank, Trump signs are apparent.

There is a lot of conservative TV commercials.

The accents.

Expensive groceries, not very cheap rent.

And, as everyone knows, the most colorful, beautiful homes I have ever seen.

It hasn’t been a simple transition. I lived in Chicago for five years and adjusted fabulously to all the eccentricities there. Something was always missing, though. I never actively moved through Chicago with an overwhelming admiration. The only time that feeling overtook me was when I rode the trains. Switched between them, transitioned from bus to L or backwards. I learned those streets and gained a wisdom for direction, north, south, east and west.

Now I’m relearning direction and I’m recalibrating the distances I set up for my first five years living (somewhat) alone.

I want to start this blog to document great things. Frankly, I recently watched Before the Flood, as I’m sure many people have, and I feel an overwhelming need to speak. I stopped using social media years ago because I wanted to focus on living my life and not just documenting it out of concern for how other people would perceive it.

But, in exchange, there is a lonesomeness with that privacy and I’ve been exposed to and learned so many things. I’ve met some incredible people in Nola so far doing amazing things and I want to show pieces of my life. Eco-friendly habits, realizations, fair trade fashion and an examination of principles.

People need to be talking and sharing. I can only do so much with my body and the voice only a handful of people hear per day.

So here I am.

First things first, next post will talk about some recent buying habits. I’m very concerned with the quality of our planet and one of the biggest ways I try to stay informed and make an impact is through learning about the fashion industry and the effects that fast fashion have on our environment.

Therefore, next post will be dedicated to education and some of my personal purchasing habits.

<3, K


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