Resolutions Circa 2k17

When I was in the 6th grade, I started a tradition of writing down lessons from the previous year and a list of resolutions or goals for the following year. Those papers are lost in my parent’s storage unit at this point, but the positive is that the lessons were always enlightening to read and the negative was that new goals were always a bit too unattainable.

For example, a common one: lose weight. Go for runs. Go to the gym. Blah blah blah. Things that have steam for a month and die off. This year I’ve made a handful of resolutions and the accompanied lessons from 2016…

  1. Leave tips on things you wouldn’t expect.
    I always leave tips when  I get delivery from a restaurant or dine in, but the past year has really taught me that small amounts add up to what can pay your rent or afford you your groceries. My boyfriend has been delivering for Postmates in New Orleans and that has also highlighted how a bunch of people sparing an extra 5 bucks makes a true impact on the financial health of a household, especially when one person cannot traditionally work. Hence, tipping more. For example, recently got a haircut and left a 50% tip. Leave a couple bucks for my Lyft driver. Leave a dollar for my barista. It seems simple and many people do it, but I haven’t always done it and now is the time.

2. Go to Mexico.

I’ve been talking about going to Mexico for Guelagetza but never got around to booking my flight. I know that booking it far our in January/February is going to be the cheapest option. I’ve been telling myself since studying abroad that I am committing to travelling, but often ‘committing to travelling’ leaves me feeling sort of helpless on where to go or what to do. Going to Mexico is a pretty easy goal.

3. Freelance write again. 

I planned a coffee date with a local freelance writer recently and she gave me a lot of insight on how to break into the local market to begin freelance writing again that doesn’t include gut-wrenching personal essays that make me feel like I’m whoring out my past. It will be incredibly easy to  begin to get my name out there again with a goal set in mind to just DO IT, especially in such a small city.

4. Reach out to more people. 

If I find something or someone curious, I want to reach out and meet them. I made a coffee date with a random writer as mentioned above and it was flattering for them and fascinating for me. Find someone curious?! Just reach out!

5. Be craftier and find ways to repurpose things. 

This might look like taking old t-shirts and making them into a cat bed or cutting up old towels for rags. This may also look like, cough, building cat toys from cardboard or saving my jars and making candles. There’s a few things I already to do repurpose items but I want to take more of an initiative to create zero waste in other ways.

6. Go home more. 

I’ve mapped it out like so: 3 vacations a year. A week in Maryland, a week in Chicago, a week or two in Mexico. Sure, it may take planning and sure, it may seem extensive. But in reality its not, its doable and I earn vacation time. I don’t want to go so long not seeing my family again and I don’t want to make so many excuses about getting caught up in my personal life. Everyone is growing older and the world only gets more complicated, therefore I need to keep making the effort while I’m young to see and spend time with the people I care for.

7. Get a massage. 

….And get my nails done once a month… Maybe a pedicure too.. Basically, I never spoil myself with girly treatments like this because I have never been able to afford it and when I have, I always tell myself that I could use the money in other ways. This year, I want to treat myself well and spoil myself with feel-good physical things like this to make my soul happy.

Quick lessons are to be continued…


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