Hard Truths: You’re Not Hopping Jobs, You’re Just Not Settling for Less.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted and yet again I am finding it hard to not overthink the concept of a blog and just simply writing about what is happening in my little sphere of the world.

Big news: I quit my job. My last post was about finding meaning in work, which was a sham, because approximately a week or so later I quit said job. Why?

Well, a few reasons:

  1. Communication issues were brought to light in the first week on the job and nothing changed.
    What this looked like for me: boss sends an ex-worker to come talk to me about something, I respond to the worker honestly about said issue, boss screams in my face when worker is gone that I did not answer the way he wanted me to without giving me any indication of what he wanted me to say. Example two: Boss hosts an event where kids come from out of state to volunteer, kids destroy office bathroom asking for soap and towels, etc. I figure since kids are paying to be here I can’t be particularly assertive and tell them to get out. Ends up boss is then frustrated with me for not yelling at children, again, without giving me any indication of what he wanted me to say or ANY BACKGROUND on his relationship with the group that would justify being rude to them.  In my first week on the job I tried to bring up multiple concerns about communication issues that were never brought to fruition, leading to…
  2. Having your position threatened when you do absolutely nothing to deserve it.
    What this looked like: boss gives assignments for the day (for once). I accomplish virtually everything he asks for. After frustrating phone call with city council, boss begins pontificating about how he is looking to get the ‘biggest bang for his buck’ and I need to be more flexible–essentially threatening my job–except wait, wasn’t I flexible in accomplishing everything you asked for in less than a single shift? The overwhelming consensus is…

    3. Boss feels like they can take out their personal aggression on me–and I let him.
    One day when my boss began yelling at me, I told him to stop. He proceeded to fume and stare out a window, retreat to his office, and after ten minutes of a self-inflicted time-out he apologized for ‘reacting so harshly’ and that was ‘how he is.’ After situation in #2 happened and I realized boss was not ever going to fire me, he was just trying to express his anger, it hit me that I was his punching bag and he was paying me to just be there to be his personal vent. When I wrote my resignation letter, call it professional or not, I told him that he will never motivate or sustain employees by taking out his personal aggression on them. This was rampant and I am not going to let myself feel I deserve that in the workplace just because someone is paying me.

This entire botched experience all did work out for the better because my passion for the business was truly not there from the start. This highlighted a lot of frustrations that the Nola job market brings–there are a ton of small businesses, which is great, but because there are a lot of sole proprietors you must be able to be whatever they need you to be, which sometimes may be a punching bag. Don’t even factor in the gender gap (which was incredibly pronounced); it was sickening to feel so reduced because he thought his position of power justified doing that to me.

The point of this blog: I don’t give a shit what people say about millennials, DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS NO MATTER THE MONEY. When I told my dad that I quit my job he was upset with me and told me he was proud of me for how much money I made. The point of having children is watching them grow and do better than what their parents had to do. It is evolution. If you have watched your parents be shit on in their jobs for as long as you remember, DO NOT THINK THAT IS NORMAL. Do not settle if you feel you are being mistreated because the only way a boss will (eventually) learn and grow is if you do not bow down to them. If they do not learn or grow, they will fail. That is the hard truth.



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