Motivational Monday: Freelance Writing Opportunities

As my last post discussed, one of my jobs dissolved recently at an odd time. It was odd because I’ve been getting the urge to write for the first time in over a year. Not just write in a journal to barf out thoughts, but actually writing with the intent of something to say, or just being collaborative on writing projects for the sake of staying in tune and on top of what is going on in the writing scene.

It’s quite refreshing–I’m not the first obviously, but I recently subscribed to Lenny Letter, which I’m loving. I’ve started committing to my reading more (currently reading Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie) and just finished The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, aka the Winner of the National Book Award (!!! so good). And… I’ve begun pitching again (!)

Fun fact for any freelance writers out there: don’t be afraid to pitch to unlikely places. I recently sent a random email to Society6 about copywriting/copyediting work, the person who received my email forwarded it to the entire company and someone approached me about copywriting work. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the best fit because I still need to grow my portfolio in that regard but hey, it’s important to take chances.

Another thing I’ve been doing: reach out to business and neighborhood associations to see if they have any need for freelance copyeditors for any promotional/marketing materials like newsletters or social media. My responses from just a handful of places have started drizzling in.

Don’t fall into a trap of believing you must freelance grueling essays or personal commentary to make a buck. Look around you and find places that may need some help but they may not even know it. Throw 100 balls at a wall, at least one will bounce back 🙂

Also, a lovely Monday photo! Took a walk out in the swamps (finally!) and did some backbends in the wind. Cheers to freedom and the future!



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