Story Within a Photo: Lisbon

I’m not going to sugar coat this: the world has gone batshit crazy. I’m lowkey incredibly embarrassed to be an American in the midst of this treacherous administration. However, talking about it tirelessly and picking it apart does little to make me feel better and quell my worries about the future.

What is important is empathy–the ability to see outside of our own sphere. To international readers: yes, I know, Americans live in a bubble.

This brings me to reflect on my previous travels and memories I carry of this crazy beautiful world.


One of my favorite pictures I have ever taken is featured on my blog home page. This is a photo of Lisbon, Portugal. Unfortunately I cannot recall the neighborhood but it was late June of 2014. Protests were happening in the streets over a low minimum wage. Lots of people were crowded around and I was simply fascinated by the age of Lisbon–it is the oldest European capital in the world (as I was told while visiting) and was inhabited at least 2700 years ago. I visited ruins, learned about the 1755 Lisbon earthquake and how it completely reshaped the city and the city had to literally be rebuilt on the 10,000 dead.

What I find especially intoxicating is the architecture–decorating buildings with tiles is very common. What I find special about this photo is the fact that this sign, in the middle of a protest, was in English in sea of Portuguese… “It was always you.”

It was always you, it was always meant to be you, you were always meant to be right here.

Remember that.



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