Oh, You Think That It’s Over?: 2017 Resolution Check-Ins

It’s February 2nd and it’s time to sit back and think about what I laid out as New Years Resolutions a month ago. The problem with goals and resolutions is that accountability is never there after the first 2~ weeks or so of January, so here we go:

1. Tipping copiously.

I’ve started tipping a little bit on everything–a dollar for a daiquiri pour, 20% on coffee and a biscuit, etc. I’ve been tipping a lot more on things I wouldn’t expect and it feels good. The only recent memory I have of not tipping was when I knew if I tipped on my coffee purchase I would overdraft… So, to me that’s pretty understandable.

2. Go to Mexico.

So we’ve planned the trip to Oaxaca, established fuck it, we’re going to fly into Mexico City, yada yada yada. With underemployment I’m waiting til my taxes come in to buy a plane ticket, but it will indeed feel amazing to finally buy tickets and fully commit to my personal travel goals.

3. Freelance write again. 

!!! Big news!!! My local alt-weekly is commissioning a few pieces from me in the next few months, the first of which is an interview that I can conduct. YAY! Yeah, the money isn’t fantastic but when you’re trying to build a real-life portfolio with real-life clips, it’s pretty sweet to be paid and get bylines. *High five*

4. Reach out to more people. 

Everyday at home I’ve started trying to call a friend to just talk again and check in with them. I reconnected with my best friend from college who went from Nashville to Kansas and I had no idea. I called my first roommate and she is teaching Kindergarten in Detroit and wants to come visit ASAP. I called my friend working in the Senate mail-room and he moved out of DC into Baltimore… Time and experiences fly when you don’t pay attention, and my focus is now to keep paying attention and working on my relationships.

5. Be craftier and find ways to repurpose things. 

So I haven’t been feeling particularly crafty recently but I have been making more stringent commitments to zero-waste in my home–I collect compost and drop it off locally, I collect my recycling and drop it off locally because we don’t have a bin. I don’t have a ton of random junk sitting around but I admit, I finally recycled a massive pile of toilet paper rolls (finally) and gave up on the idea of making some elaborate cat toy out of them.

6. Go home more. 

My brothers will be visiting me soon for Mardi Gras and I may be able to go home for a few days in April if odd factors align. It’s not at the top of my priority list right now but I’m keeping the goal in mind.

7. Get a massage.

….Still haven’t gotten a massage, will likely wait til taxes are back for that, but! I have been getting my nails done regularly and allow myself to be spoiled in that regard. As you know, self-care is very important in this moment in time.

What were some of your resolutions? How are you doing in attaining your goals? What is your motivation in 2017? 🙂




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