An Ode to MAC Russian Red Lipstick & Subsequent Aspects of Blooming Femininity


I bought my first red lipstick a few days ago and my feels are established: I LOVE WEARING RED LIPSTICK.

I never thought I could wear it because I have red hair, but recently I’ve realized that my whole outlook on the way I use makeup and dress is outlined by what I think I can’t do, not what I want to do.

I’m overweight by about, erm, maybe 30 pounds? I’ve been thirty pounds heavier than I am now, though, and my size growing up constantly determined exactly what I could wear and how I could wear it. I never wore dresses because I could never find a size big enough for me, and if I could squeeze into a dress I just had back rolls and a big plate of chicken wings to erase the seering memory of chub.

However, within the past year I’ve started throwing my cares to the wind. I own a budding collection of dresses (eBay is the BEST for getting ethical/reused/cute af clothes at that discount) from Mata Traders, Nooworks, Passion Lilie and Eshakti. If I wanted, I can wear a dress every day for two weeks and not double. I’ve become THAT committed to wearing dresses.

Dresses are just one factor of my budding femininity but there is one underlying factor to wearing a bomb ass dress and bright red lipstick–I feel so FUCKING confident. I have never felt so self assured just by how I look. And then when I walk by a mirror I think, damn, I’m fine as fuck. 

Not to harp but most big girls (in my humble opinion) don’t think they are allowed to feel so good about themselves but the whole point of coming into one’s own is feeling like they’re the shit, am I right?

Anywho, for make-up fans out here, this MAC Russian Red lipstick is premium. I apply it and it last for 6+ hours with minimal rubbing off. A touch of reapplication and I’m set to go for the rest of the day!


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