Quick Notes on Weeping in the Midst of the Oscars

I have been bombarded with stimuli this week because it’s Mardi Gras down here in New Orleans and I just came home from a parade to relax for a bit before going out to a show in town. I’m watching the Oscars and I find myself spontaneously weeping.

For context, I cry all of the time. I cry at car commercials. I cry at home watching TV when someone looks at their husband, or how they say a single word, or when I see protests or voices of humanity and decency and respect. It tends to be the slightest, most minute details that bring me to tears nowadays and I usually just tell my partner, “I’m crying because it’s so beautiful.”

I’m crying watching the Oscars for these statements on deplorable walls, standing in protest against hatred and aggression, and the importance of bringing stories of the dead from the grave. I’m crying at how actresses tell their husbands how thankful they are for their love. I’m crying over everything.

The people I am with right now are looking at me like I am crazy and my boyfriend keeps looking at me and blowing me kisses because he understands. Everything has been moving me to pieces and I appreciate this hyper-sensory because it makes me feel alive. I, again, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, don’t know if I cried like this at the drop of the hat before the election. I know I didn’t cry like this in May 2015 before all of this madness began. But I do know I am moved and feels waves crashing upon me daily.

It is something to be thankful for.


2 thoughts on “Quick Notes on Weeping in the Midst of the Oscars

  1. I also cry when I follow reality shows on talents and during the course of them (when you feel that you are actually part of a journey even though from across the screen) people can move you with their incredible genius. Or the opera. A beautiful voice can send my tear ducts into overdrive!

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