The Simplicity of Mardi Gras Day


A lot has happened in the past week and today is officially Fat Tuesday. I woke up later than expected and walked out to go watch Rex, one of the oldest Mardi Gras Krewes, parade down Napolean.

This whole past week I have been watching parades, mostly at night, and I can easily say I’ve seen 15 parades in the past few weeks. I love a parade, but something special about this morning came over me watching Rex begin.

Mardi Gras centers around one central vein, no matter if you are in a Krewe or you’re an Indian or you’re in a Social Aid & Pleasure Club–it’s about tradition and honoring your ancestry and city’s spirit.

I’m not from New Orleans, I’ve been living here for eight months now. It’s only my second Mardi Gras. I’ve never been to a ball and I don’t know anyone in any Krewe personally. But there was something exponentially moving about watching Rex go by this morning and watching their theme, which was to the effect of “Mardi Gras Celebrated Around the World.” It made me think of our interconnectedness to our history and people around the world waking up to celebrate for the same reasons.

Today was just fantastic in every sense of the world for the final Mardi Gras parade. I took a long walk around City Park and now I’m in the process of putting together my thoughts for some creative projects coming up and how my own history is going to inform my goals moving forward.

Even if you’re not in New Orleans or in a city that celebrates it, happy Mardi Gras. Take some time to sit back and appreciate how far we’ve come and where we’re going from here.



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