Freelance Writing Updates Because I Can’t Stop Obsessing About Work


I have so many blog posts currently backed up in my head it is low-key a bit insane. Throughout the week I jot down my topics that I’ve thought of and begin listing to plan accordingly, but my mind is buzzing today and I am going totally off-kilter wondering about next steps to freelancing projects.

Updates: I’m officially beginning to review for Kirkus and they are already giving me multiple assignments at a time, which is great but intimidating because Mardi Gras threw me through a complete scheduling loop. It’s difficult to allot time to reading multiple e-books when family is visiting and the city is essentially living in a party bubble. Mardi Gras is officially over but I’m becoming overridden with anxiousness wondering how I’m going to get it all done, even though I know I will.

I have a few assignments that are approaching rapidly for my local alt-weekly which is fine, because I know they won’t necessarily be intensive. They’re only 350 word~ish features that I’ve already finished 90% of the work (interviews) for. However, the paper just reached out to me to work on another freelancing assignment next week, which is great because it shows they are thinking about me from previous projects but I’m also, as mentioned, running behind.

I suppose what I can’t stop thinking about is a specific topic I want to write about–Small Business Tyranny in New Orleans. It sounds a touch over-the-top, but after having that one horrible job that I quit in a dramatic fashion and listening endlessly to other young, professional (mostly) females I’ve met here struggle with the same exact issues of being treated with decency (or treating their employer with decency), I can’t stop thinking about how I want to write about that  and I’m freakishly researching writing outlets that want business-focused essays and analysis. I’m also debating about the prospect of pitching the idea locally in New Orleans, but I truthfully don’t want to shit where I eat.

One awesome silver lining–I finished one research project and emailed my final published article to one of my sources and they responded with absolute elation. There is no better feeling than providing exposure and thorough analysis to topics and organizations that truly need it.

I’m thankful for all of the opportunities that have opened up for my writing but I also feel like I am drowning a bit in trying to prioritize my projects and somehow fulfill my own rampant thought process in the midst of it.

If you know any paying outlets looking for essays on business struggles, especially within small businesses, please reach out so I can itch out this essay!


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