Detoxing, In All Senses of the Word.

I’ve gone a bit radio silent the past week or two because I’ve been exhausted. Between Mardi Gras and a death in the family and the subsequent travel for funeral services, I’ve been all over the place physically, mentally and emotionally trying to somehow plug the Fat Tuesday unraveling.

To detail just a touch of said unraveling: I ate a shitload of meat during Mardi Gras. Not just a little bit but I jumped into it all at once after going weeks and weeks BARELY eating any at all. Jumping into meat meant all of the fried chicken, the stuffed peppers, the gumbo, the catfish, the everything…. Therefore, I was admittedly feeling like absolute shit because my body basically freaked out on me.

Factor in drinking more than usual, which I balanced out easily because I generally dislike drinking at this point as it is. Factor the simultaneous turnaround to fly to Chicago and visit family and keep eating out a ton and yeah…. It was excessive.

Alas! The detox has begun. Let’s talk food, numnumnum.

Step 1 to The Detox: All of the Vegetables. 


Detox groceries=kale, zucchini, broccoli, tricolored bell peppers… Key word being kale. Some veggies reign superior over others in my humble opinion, and seriously… LOOK at kale. Have you seen anything greener in your life?!?!?

Step 2: Technique-Ish, or just pretty kitchen utensils to excite the eye.


I’m a big fan of the frittata, it’s basically perfect–a little egg, a ton of veggies, faux meats, spices and BAM whole big fancy meal for two!


Step 3: Eat all the food you’ve committed to buying. 


There’s no better feeling in the world to me than eating every single fresh food that I spend my money on. We all have bought something, take that massive bag of kale, and let it sit for too long unsure of how to use it until it rots. In my instance, we bought a shit-ton of Louisiana strawberries. We still have a bunch at home and I know they’re going to mold in the next couple days. What do I do?! Force myself to drink a fruit smoothie before work, even if I don’t WANT to.

The effect? Already feeling less bloated and guilty. Body is back to functioning normally. And frankly I just feel great eating everything I buy and making meals and memories at home. Plus, I have a lil kitchen compost (highly recommend) that I dump locally and HOLY SHIT the pride I feel when that bad boy gets full of fruit and veggie scraps to the brim after like a week… It’s the simple joys in life, I guess. 😛

If you need to detox too, don’t get too anxious or worried about having to overhaul. Just do what feels right, the body is the most adaptable part of nature, promise. 🙂



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