Quick Sparks of Harsh, Slightly Hypocritical Truths and/or Trivia, Because Sometimes Throwing Honesty to the Wind Is Necessary

Category 1: Professional Version of Heaven

  1. There is no greater death than working every single weekend day and missing 12 hours of sunshine while watching people walk by leisurely in sunglasses and sundresses with iced coffee and/or cocktails in hand.
  2. I never want to work at a job (again) that requires being on your feet for 8+ hours straight. I mentioned this to my boyfriend last night because at 17 I had a 40+ hour a week job that required this, and he said “No way, I’d rather be on my feet than be at a desk all day.” Which brings me to…
  3. Doing every single work task on a computer or in an office sounds like an equal sort of torture, however that can be soothed with adequate amounts of sunlight and good company.
  4. Working alone, while nice in flexibility, is no fucking fun. Humor and kindness and sharing moments with others, even in the workplace, is paramount.

Category 2: If I Could Somehow Make All of the Following Happen In This Life… 

  1. Work five years straight and then take a year off to travel.
  2. Live in Finland and get a job and continue professional growth in a foreign country, shout out to Finland for the best education system in the world & the cuteness of Helsinki.
  3. Teach English abroad and save tons of money from doing so, because apparently South Korea is really looking for more English teachers.
  4. Remodel my dad’s house because I don’t think he ever will while he is still alive.

Category 3: Random Trivia, Because I Read Too Much Wikipedia That Leaves Me Curious About the World… 

  1. Nicolas Cage is not from New Orleans, he is from California, therefore I don’t know what prompted him to want to buy the LaLaurie Mansion, even if he is a horror buff.
  2. Madame LaLaurie chased a 12 year old slave onto the roof of her home in the French Quarter and the girl fell from the roof and died… Wonder if anyone ever thinks about that when they stand on the corner and take pictures of the house.
  3. In exchange for Haiti’s freedom, the nation had to pay the French government millions of dollars which directly impacts their financial livelihood today.
  4. Emma Stone is just about the most boring person to read about on Wikipedia… Ever.
  5. And to top it all off, I’m apparently not the only one that has ever heard of Poe–she was really popular at one time.

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