Vitriol for All I Can See…

I got a new job this week (!) which has entailed leaving early in the morning and being home for my second job, or to relax, by the afternoon. Today I was going a bit out of my skin because my apartment is rather dirty and gets that way quickly–run the dishwasher, sanitize the couch, wipe the tables down, sweep, blah blah blah.

I’ve been feeling ravenous for history today so I’ve been listening to Presidential, a podcast that dedicates an episode to every single U.S. president and the context of their presidency and why one remembers Thomas Jefferson, a shy, non-confrontation man who was an avid slave trader and collector of French wines, instead of John Adams, whose entire family was always morally against slavery, who was a robust public speaker and doesn’t have a single monument in D.C. (even though he would have hated it anyway).

When I came home to begin cleaning I tuned into CSPAN to watch the debates in the house surrounding the new healthcare bill to replace the ACA. As I wiped down my table and sorted papers I listened to senators and representatives give their schpeal on yay or nay, and one of the things that was so extremely troublesome was the vitriol that people were spewing at one another and others without naming them–who says some kind of shit about making Medicaid recipients have a job requirement? Even Democrats were being rather childish–one representative literally yelled, “THIS BILL IS PATHETIC!” at Republicans and I just looked at my television like WTF…… HOLY SHIT….. WHO DOES THAT?!

There is something cathartic about seeing the bill go down in flames but the residual feeling is that there are bridges too big to have people truly relate to or empathize with one another. George Washington was very cognizant of carrying himself, and fostering an authentic interest in, nature and surroundings and finding common ground with the average person from a different state because he understood there was something valuable about having Americans in different states and different worlds find common ground.

I don’t know if we will ever find common ground. I lose sleep at night wondering if I could ever bring another life into the world when the future is going black.


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