Why Didn’t I Say Anything?

I’m sitting at my part time weekend job and twenty minutes ago my boyfriend and his family were all visiting me and we were chatting, laughing and making jokes about some silly looking necklaces that say “Fuck Off” on them.

All of a sudden we hear this bellowing–not just a scream, but a gut-fueled BELLOWING–and it’s my neighbor, a 300 pound man from Mississippi, who is somehow always barefoot, who runs a catering company next door. This happens from time to time–this rage has been directed to all neighbors on the block and to my boss as well. The owner of this company takes a complete 180 from normalcy at the drop of a hat–one day it was asking him to put his food waste a foot away from a storefront–and loses his shit.

Case in point: a random lady apparently parked her car in front of his house. He was trying to parallel park into the space behind her and she didn’t scoot up to give him room because she was taking guitars out of the backseat of her car to go to an instrument repair shop two doors down. Neighbor begins bellowing, “YOU SAW ME HAVING TROUBLE PARKING, YOU ARE A FUCKING CUNT, I AM GOING TO GET YOU ARRESTED!”

I hear him yelling and my family quiets and I open the door to glance outside. She is stricken, can’t say a word, has her guitars in her hands and is saying under her breath, “Well, I’m sorry you’re having a stressful Sunday.”


I see a neighbor across the street come onto her porch to watch. Security guards posted up down the block filming a movie are all watching. We’re all watching but not saying a thing. My boyfriend is trying to edge past me out the front door and I stop him and say “No, no, no–he’s not worth it. Do not go outside.”

Ten minutes later the girl comes out of the guitar repair shop and stops in front of me on the sidewalk where suddenly all of the neighbors have congregated.

“Thanks for sticking up for me.”

She gets into her truck and pulls out her phone as she drives away and I somehow know the moment she is out of view she will burst into tears.

Why didn’t I say anything?


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