A New Kind of Typical

I’m finally settling into a sort of routine with my new job that involves waking up, working briefly, coming home, eating, reading, writing, cuddling, watching the news, and other day to day changes of going out to eat Indian food or going for walks on Bayou St. John.

This sounds like a perfectly fine day to me, it likely sounds fine to you as well, but I still feel like I’m not putting myself out into the world in the ways I should be. I’m not writing with a focus. My efforts on working out are laughable. I listen to the Presidential podcast every day but I still feel like I’m not practicing in the sense of learning enough.

So I’m going to a new thing today! It’s an aerial class, an introductory one, but I’m super excited to try something new and hopefully *fingers crossed* find a new physical obsession since I’ve gotten so deeply bored by yoga I can’t help but yawn in downward dog. Plus aerial is lovely and who doesn’t want to see a chubby girl get herself up a bunch of ropes?

I’m also considering taking a class at a local comedy theater (!) for comedy sketch writing that culminates in a big showcase after eight weeks (!!). That is a bit more expensive and more of a commitment, but after sinking back from the world for a while now out of depression and financial constraints I’m feeling like I’m poking my head out into the world more prepared than I have in a long time to give a bunch of shots… To where those shots go, I’m not positive yet, but the fact that the inspiration is there at all is important.

What are you doing today, tomorrow, or this week that is different from the daily? If you’re not actively changing anything, what do you wish you could build more of a habit out of?


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