I’m currently tasked to write a 5 page sketch for a Comedy class I’m taking tonight. I’ve written about the class a bit and some challenges it’s brought, but I can’t help but feel like the class has become a chore at this point. It’s mostly a chore because of one specific person who, to save a bunch of words in this blog post, is simply a funsucker.

This leaves me in an odd predicament because here is the current situation: I’m working a lot, I’m taking a bunch of yoga and aerial classes, I’m writing book reviews, I’m pretty busy and tired. I find the thought of this class to just be stressful from the get-go because I know that there will be some conflict that is too exhausting to bother intervening yet too frustrating to just watch happen.

Choices at this point? Persevere and finish the class or withdraw, write a letter detailing why I can’t finish and try to get some cash back.

Which leaves me with a real adult question, if I’ve ever had one–everyone does something where there’s a funsucker or someone who creates conflict in social situations. I obviously dealt with it frequently while going to school and in various workplaces. It’s just an adult thing that happens. But at what point do you pull up your bootstraps and essentially tell the funsucker to fuck off (internally) and at what point do you throw in the towel?

I’ve thrown in the towel a lot when funsuckers appear and I know I need to learn how to just deal with conflict in all shapes and sizes. But then again, it’s my time. It’s my money. And if I’m feeling so discouraged by the course because of the funsucker that I can’t even write a sketch, then it’s a lost cause anyway, right?

Hmmmmm… What to do, what to do.


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