It’s another perfectly lovely day in New Orleans and goddamnit I’m thinking about authority. After having a calm ass week and finishing it off binging on Undisclosed (so creepy, relates to Serial, check it if you haven’t) I’ve had a few ~*policy*~ skirmishes. One of which essentially boils down to someone reaching out to me [...]


Natural Kind Of Drunk

The fire is STILL BROKEN, PEOPLE. It is ANOTHER perfect day in New Orleans (I feel like a WGNO forecaster low-key). There’s no humidity--just dry brightness that makes you want to breathe in real, real deep. One thing I’ve realized from paying attention this week is that when it’s sticky and hot down here, like [...]

I Believe In A Thing Called (Platonic) Love

Today is yet another delicate, lovely fall day in New Orleans. The sort of day where I eat a pita, walk down the street and lounge in the shadow of a building in the grass reading even if it’s a little too moist on the ground to be doing so. I got so comfy that [...]

Histories of Criticism

Today, as I write from work, is one of those days where I wish with all of the heart to have a window in my front office. No one in the office has windows, though it’s on the radar for our landlord and management, but today is straight up MAGICAL in New Orleans. It is [...]

Let’s Talk Jealousy

I wake up early every morning to read. Always have, always will. It used to include writing in my journal as well but I go through ebbs and flows with that and *ahem* reading is FUNDAMENTAL. And sure, I don't read Les Miserables or things that may be particularly deep or groundbreaking, but it is [...]

The Fire Has Broken

i.e. THE HEATWAVE OF NEW ORLEANS HAS FINALLY COME TO A HALT. What did this mean this morning in particular? 68 degrees, minimal humidity, and all of a sudden we are transported into a place resembling the rest of America that is currently reveling in pumpkin spice lattes and Uggs and them apple cider fantasies. [...]

Jobs I COULD Do… I Think

Do you subscribe to Lenny Letter? It's Lena Dunham's newsletter email thing that she sends a few times a week featuring writing, interviews, recipes, horoscopes, etc. No matter your opinion on LD I really like it for the most part and one reason is that it's pretty female-centric without getting too indulgent or straight up [...]