Ah, the sweet, sweet pleasure that is utter silence due to lack of things to have to get done at work. I haven’t been writing much recently because there truly hasn’t been much time. Between our car breaking down and catching the bus to get to work early and stay late, by the time I’m [...]


I keep piles of journals because I’m convinced there are gems hidden inside them though I never open them once they are full. * I read Sarah Manguso and think about my most embarrassing problem: I haven’t succeeded at simplicity yet. * My problems are a hallway full of televisions. * Coming back from my [...]

A Few Words On Style

I'm currently sitting on my bathroom floor, like I try to on most work-days, to savor fifteen minutes of relative peace and quiet to read or write or what have you. My closet (which is conveniently located in my bathroom, lucky me) is open just a touch and I can  see a handful of colorful [...]

Natural Glitter From Your Own AMAZING Life

My boyfriend is currently studying for his adult-career certification exam he is taking this week and for the first time in I can't really recall, I'm home! Alone! Not at work! Without him! This happens so rarely that at first it feels like a fucking party--I'M GOING TO EAT HALF A BOX OF SPAGHETTI BECAUSE [...]

Drugs Or Me

"You did what?" "I ate mushrooms last night with a group of people. It was pretty groovy." "Aren't you pet sitting for Mom?" "Yeah, we're all over here." "Who is all?" He rattled off the names and she listens for the one she knows she will hear. When the name slips she remembers the single [...]